Cubelli has special incentive against All Blacks

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Lynn McConnell     20 Sep 2015     Getty Images

Cubelli's father, Alejandro, was a member of the Pumas team that drew 21-21 with the All Blacks in 1985.

That result remains the closest the South Americans have come to defeating New Zealand.

Cubelli, who was born four years after the game, told the Rugby News Service that after a close game he had seen when Felipe Contemponi missed touch and New Zealand counter-attacked for No.8 Scott Robertson to scored a late try to beat the Pumas 24-20, his father had told him of his own experience.

"I remember we'd just been to an incredible game at the River Plate Stadium. We lost the game right at the end, despite being perfectly poised to win it.

"I was sad about the defeat, and then my father told me and my brother about the 1985 game.

"He told us about that draw and about the scrum towards the end that could have handed us the win.

"As soon as I got home I started searching for videos and reading about the game."

The lesson he learned showed that Hugo Porta, one of the greatest of five-eighths, had kicked four penalty goals and three dropped goals for all of Argentina's points while New Zealand scored four tries to John Kirwan (2), Murray Mexted and Craig Green with Kieran Crowley, now Canada's coach, kicking a conversion and a penalty goal.

Argentina were set to score from a five-metre scrum in the last stages of the game where Alejandro Cubelli was hooker. The scrum crossed the line but No.8 Ernesto Ure's impatience resulted in him detaching and attempting to ground the ball only to knock it on, and allow the All Blacks to escape.

"You can't give these guys an inch until the final whistle," Cubelli junior said.