Lote Raikabula

The creative Fijian-born speedster is a key playmaker in the All Blacks Sevens and notched up a significant milestone in 2013 scoring his 100th World Series try at the London Sevens.  He has clocked up more than 60 tournaments since his debut in 2006 and picked up two Commonwealth Games gold medals and four World Series medals along the way. Strong, dependable with a keen nose for the try line, his performances have been integral to the team’s winning record.

What do you love most about sevens rugby? There’s lots of space on the field to express yourself
If you could invite any three people to a dinner party, who would they be? My grandfather, my mum, my dad
What’s your most embarrassing moment? Losing to Fiji 44-0 in Dubai
If you weren’t a professional 7s player, what would you be? A tennis player
If you could live a day in anyone else’s shoes, who would it be? Roger Federer

Utility Back
1.98m, 95kg
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