Teihorangi Walden

Life/favourites: Chilling with my mates
Favourite Rugby ground: The Gully (New plymouth Boys high)
Favourite rugby player and why: Beauden Barrett- Has great chat and a good physique.
Earliest rugby memories: Bare feet 10 a side at Oakura Primary School.
Best rugby memory: Beating New Plymouth Boys High on the gully in 2011.
Biggest influence on your rugby career and why: Dad- Converted from a soccer player into a rugby player and supported me ever since.
Food: BBQ pork ribs and some mash!
Actor/Actress: Emily Ratajkowski
Movie: P.S I love you- a great romantic comedy!
Book: Captain Underpants.
On your itunes /iphone playlist: Cali Swag district- Teach me how to dougie
Holiday destination: Fiji
Non-rugby sports team: Otago Nuggets.
Sporting hero: Conrad Smith
If you could meet one person, who would it be and why: Willie Apiata- courageous and trustworthy.
I hate it when…. I get injured
I can’t live without….. my phone
If I wasn’t a rugby player I would be….Stay at home dad.

Second Five-Eighths
1.83m, 90kg
Test Points: