Shiray Tane

Twitter & Instagram handles: @shiray_9 for twitter and instagram

Favourite Rugby ground: Waikato Stadium

Favourite rugby player and why:
Victoria Grant, she's from the waikato and the ultimate carver!

Earliest rugby memories: Winners of the Chiefs region for Hamilton Girls High School

Best rugby memory: Playing at the Wellington Sevens in 2012

Biggest influence on your rugby career and why: Crystal Kaua (Muzza), my first rugby coach, brought me in to the sport!

Food: Bread!

Actor/Actress: Sandra Bullock

Movie: Love and Basketball

On your itunes /iphone playlist: Chris Brown, beyonce <3

Holiday destination: Tahiti

Non-rugby sports team: Queensland!

Sporting hero: Michael Jordan

If I could meet one person, it would be (and why): Beyonce! Because she’s my long lost sister…

I hate it when…. Theres no butter to go with my bread!

I can't live without…. My mum and my phone!

If I was a Super hero I would be (and why) … Thor's secret girlfriend because she has super strength like him and a magical sword instead of hammer!

If I wasn't a rugby player I would be….
An actress/chris brown's lover.

Test Points:

Career Comments

  • New Zealand Touch Black Women's.

Test Match record

(+) subsitute (-) replaced