Tawera Kerr-Barlow

One of the most exciting of the modern crop of number nines in New Zealand rugby, Tawera Kerr-Barlow has earned a reputation for bruising defence, clinical clearances and his ability to make a nuisance of himself in classic halfback fashion.

First named in the All Blacks in 2012, a serious knee injury in the Test against South Africa in October 2014 kept him out of rugby for over eight months. He made his return to the international game in 2015 with an appearance for the Maori All Blacks against Fiji and then against the New Zealand Barbarians in Auckland, before coming off the bench for five matches at RWC 2015.

Kerr-Barlow was part of the New Zealand Under 20 side that won the Junior World Championship in Argentina in 2010. Rugby and sport are strong in the Melbourne-born Kerr-Barlow’s family. His mother Gail represented Australia in rugby and his uncle Tukere Barlow played league for New Zealand Maori.

1.87m, 89kg
Test Debut:
v Scotalnd at Edinburgh, 11 Nov 2012
Test Points Breakdown:
Test Points:
Provincial Team:
Super Rugby Team:

Career Comments

  • Favourites
    Rugby ground: HBHS
    Food: Mum’s cooking
    Actor/Actress: Will Smith
    Movie: Anything Good
    Book: After the Moon
    Singer/band/music type: RnB music
    Holiday destination: Rarotonga
    Non-rugby sports team: LA Lakers
    If you could meet one person, who would it be and why: Nick Farr Jones because he was a good rugby player and leader.
    Earliest rugby memories: Playing at Darwin rugby ground
    I hate it when….I’m rushed
    I can’t live without… partner

Test Match record

(+) subsitute(-) replaced

12 Nov v Scotland at Edinburgh 51-22 (+)
18 Nov v Italy at Rome 42-10 (+)

8 June v France at Auckland 23-13 (+)
22 June v France at New Plymouth 24-9 (+)
17 August v Australia at Sydney 47-29 (+)
24 August v Australia at Wellington 27-16 (+)
7 Sept v Argentina at Hamilton 28-13 (+)
14 Sept v South Africa at Auckland 29-15 (+)
28 Sep v Argentina at La Plata 33-15 (+)
5 Oct v South Africa at Johannesburg 38-27 (+)
19 Oct v Australia at Dunedin 41-33 (+)
2 Nov v Japan at Tokyo 54-6 (-)
10 Oct v France at Paris 26-19 (+)
17 Nov v England at London 30-22 (+)

5 Oct v South Africa at Johannesburg 25-27 (+)

24 Sep vs Namibia at London 58-14 (+)
2 Oct vs Georgia at Cardiff 43-10 (+)
10 Oct vs Tonga at Newcastle upon Tyne 47-9 (+)
17 Oct vs France at Cardiff 62-13 (+)
31 Oct vs Australia at London 34-17 (+)

25 June v Wales at Dunedin 46-6
1 October v Argentina at Buenos Aires 36-17 (+)
9 October v South Africa at Durban 57-15 (+)
22 October v Australia at Auckland 37-10 (+)
12 November v Italy at Rome 68-10 (-)

9 September v Argentina at New Plymouth 39-22 (+)
8 October v South Africa 25-24 (+)