Discipline vital in Buenos Aires

Photosport     19 Jun 2006     Photosport

Fresh from a 2-0 series victory over Wales, Argentina was accused of foul play by the Welsh during the first Test and there were heated moments during the 45-27 second Test win which was dominated by Frederico Todeschini's eight penalty goals.

Steve Hansen said that with Todeschini's ability, and the way the home team lifts itself in Buenos Aires, the All Blacks will be facing a real challenge.

"Discipline will be important in Argentina because they play a frustrating type of game," he said.

"It's not an open game that they play, you can get frustrated.

"So we've got to be really sharp of mind and not get frustrated," he said.

Explaining the special quality the Argentinians have in their game, Hansen said, "They're Latin Americans. They get a lot of that from their soccer mentality, their crowd gets right behind them."

He wasn't surprised by the fact Wales lost.

It wasn't a top Welsh side as a lot of top players at home and with such a young and inexperienced team in what he described as 'a cauldron' he was not surprised Wales lost.

The All Blacks already in Buenos Aires attended the match while Hansen said the selectors had watched a tape of the first Test as part of their preparations for the game.

The second group of New Zealanders flew out for the match on Sunday afternoon.