Boyd happy with first English season

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    28 May 2019     Getty Images

Northampton were beaten out of a place in the Premiership final when losing 12-42 to Exeter at the weekend.

Boyd said it was the second time in two weeks, they lost 41-20 a week earlier, they hadn't been able to score after halftime against Exeter and that was something they would have to address next season.

At the start of the season Boyd had told the club he wanted to see them in the playoffs and they had gone one better by making the semifinals. It had also been a goal to get back into the top tier of European rugby and anything more than that would be a bonus.

The belief the club was capable of achieving that had built slowly. They had sneaked into the top four by 'the skin of our teeth' and had wanted to achieve a creditable performance against Exeter but they hadn't quite got that right, he said.

"The foundations of our game have been laid down this year and I think we've made steady progress to the way we want to play and it is behoven on us now to work hard during the off-season and come back and see if we can put some more consistency in our game," he said.

Boyd said the different style of game that sides like Northampton, Bristol, Gloucester and others played could flourish against the styles of the Premiership finalists Saracens and Exeter.

It was important because it offered a balance to those two teams who played a physical power and territory-based game to grind teams down, although Exeter tended to hang onto the ball a lot longer while Saracens played the more territory game.

"It is important that there is more than one way to skin the cat," he said.

Boyd had enjoyed the English coaching experience.

"Everyone said it is a bit of a grind and a route march but I haven't found that at all. It is a long season but there's times to mix it up and times to have breaks in the middle, though next season looks a bit more daunting.

"I've really enjoyed Northampton Saints, it's a solid club. I've enjoyed the town, the supporters are great, the Gardens when it's full and rocking is great and I've really enjoyed the management team and the players. So all in all, it is been a really enjoyable first year experience for me," he said.