Penalties consistency concerns All Blacks coach

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Lynn McConnell     20 May 2019     Getty Images

He said at the team's Foundation Day for North Island players at Papakura on Monday that the number of penalties was a concern, especially for the competition-leading Crusaders who had been on the receiving end over the last three weeks.

Hansen wasn't being critical of the penalties that were being awarded, but in the lack of consistency in their application.

He said: "A lot of the penalties are right, but they're not consistent on both sides.

The Lions team in South Africa had been awarded 48 penalties in three games while the opposition sides had only been awarded six. That would mean there wasn't a lot of consistency being applied.

"I don't know any team that's only given six penalties away in three games so I would say there's not enough consistency in what they're seeing.

"I'm not saying the penalties they are giving are not right, I'm saying they're obviously missing a few."
It was concerning that a lot of the penalties were from scrummaging.

"It's interesting, some times some sides don't want to engage, they're scrummaging for penalties and it's very tough for the referee to actually see who is not engaging and who is pushing over the mark.

"From the naked eye, it is easier to see that I've pushed over the mark rather than you not engaging so we've got to help them in that area. We've had a chat to them about looking at the No.8 and if he is not pushing his team in then they're not engaging.

"Most referees have got to use their ARs [assistant referees] to have a look at the whole picture rather than just the front picture," he said.

Consistency in rulings was all teams really wanted from referees. There was an understanding mistakes would be made because referees were human and it was a tough game to referee.

But consistency was something that should be on call all the time.

"If that's a penalty today then it's a penalty for the whole day not just part of the day," he said.