Blitzbok target All Blacks Sevens

Getty Images

    06 Dec 2018     Getty Images

The two rivals are drawn in the same pool and will play the last game of the
opening day of the tournament on Sunday morning (NZT).

Branco du Preez, who has played 310 games and scored 1175 points for South Africa said of the All Blacks Sevens, "They are playing a very basic game plan and limit their mistakes.

"They are also very patient on attack and only strike when they see the defence is stretching.

"So we need to make sure we make dominant tackles against them in order to throw them off their rhythm on attack," he said.

Defence was the key issue for the side.

Du Preez acknowledged South Africa's poor defensive effort in Dubai had contributed to their sixth place finish.

"We need to make better tackles than last week," he said.

"We were not at our best, but that is in the past now. This weekend in Cape Town is all that matters. We are expecting good support and we hope to give the Blitzboks supporters something to cheer about."

The South Africans and the All Blacks Sevens would each have to play Samoa and Zimbabwe before meeting in their game.

"We respect all teams and will not look past our first two opponents. We want to make a statement this weekend and that will start in the first game on Saturday," he said.

Du Preez's teammate Chris Dry said New Zealand would not be looking forward to playing South Africa.

"I don't think they would like to play against us because we've done our job well over the past two season," he said.

Back in action after recovering from a knee injury Dry said when they heard they were drawn against New Zealand they were unfazed.

"If you want to win the tournament you have to be able to beat all teams," he said.