Conrad Smith reveals greatest advice

Getty Images     05 Apr 2018     Getty Images

Speaking exclusively on the All Blacks Podcast, Smith recalled the simple advice from his former All Blacks captain that he still uses to this day.

“I remember it might have been my second year in the All Blacks and you sort of go through that stage where you’re probably trying to do too much,” Smith said.

“I remember him (Tana) saying - ‘do what you do well’. I looked at him and didn’t know what he meant. He just said, ‘look you’re a bit different than the rest of us but you know what you do well so just do that’. It was something I’ve stuck by ever since.”

“I always tell it to young guys because I think they get into trouble when they see someone else and try to copy and it doesn’t always help them. I think that that was the best advice I’ve been given and it worked for me.”

Smith has announced his retirement from rugby following the current French season with Pau.

Listen to the full interview on the All Blacks Podcast.