Non-try wasn't the issue for Hurricanes

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    26 Feb 2018     Getty Images

Perenara was ruled by the TMO to have lost control of the ball as he attempted to ground it over the goalline.

But Boyd said in the aftermatch press conference: "You could probably pick out 20 similar tries or no tries and you'd get 10 awarded and 10 not. It's one of those.


"That is not the reason we lost the game.

"If the try was awarded we may have won the game but at the end of the day, frankly, we didn't deserve to win," he said.

Boyd was disappointed the Bulls finished stronger to negate the concentration the Hurricanes had applied to their build-up.

The Hurricanes travelled to Pretoria two days earlier than usual only to meet a Bulls team in better physical shape than in recent seasons. That was compounded by altitude issues which the Hurricanes felt they had prepared for.

"It is a game we prepared well for. We need to look back at that preparation because it delivered just about zero," he said.

"Since losing in that semi-final against the Lions last year, we've been trying to work out scientifically, and [from] a game point of view to get an improved performance up here. We delivered little.

"Collectively it was a massive cross for us. I don't mind losing but to play so poorly was incredibly frustrating," Boyd said.

The changed Bulls approach had not been an issue for the Hurricanes.

"What you know is that you are probably going to battle physically, that they are going to come at you physically and you have to stay in that contest for long periods of time otherwise it will be a long day at the office.

"That is exactly what happened to us. We didn't control tempo, we didn't control territory or momentum. We lost control of the game really and ultimately paid for it," he said.

Boyd said the Bulls deserved credit as they had played to a plan.

"I think they'd be delighted to win but I suspect, knowing Mitch [Bull coach John Mitchell] he would not be happy with the way they played either," he said.

Now the side had to confront the other issue of their tour, the demanding travel to Buenos Aires to prepare to play the Jaguares, who also lost in South Africa.

"Next week is a pretty key game for us, as it is for the Jaguares," he said.