White - coaching mistakes continue in SA

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    07 Feb 2018     Getty Images

Coetzee's exit showed that South Africa Rugby (SARU) had learned nothing in their approach to appointing coaches.

"I'm tired of saying I'm disillusioned with SA rugby, but if I look at Allister and the response to his exit, the reality is that all the same problems are still there," he said in his column.

"Who is the next coach and what is the process to appoint him?

"If they're going to skip the interview process again then nothing has changed and we'll get the same results," he said.

White believed Coetzee made a strategic mistake when accepting his appointment two years ago. The objections he raised through his lawyers in a letter to SARU two weeks ago should have been raised at the beginning of his term, not at the end.

"The Bok coach will never be successful when the boardroom plays the guitar and he's expected to dance, and that all started when Allister got the job via a text message without any interview process," he said.

White felt Coetzee's love for the Springboks and his desire to coach the national team had probably clouded his response to the parameters he'd have to work in causing him to overlook the impact of those restrictions.

"It's impossible to compete in international rugby if you don't have an even playing field. If you're playing against top Test teams that have got carte blanche, but you don't, then you're not going to win.

"I don't know why anyone would want to go coach in the international arena at a disadvantage – if someone starts 10 metres ahead of you in a 100m race, then chances are you won't catch up," he said.

White said he empathised with Coetzee and he was sure Nick Mallett and Carel du Plessis would as well because the same thing had happened to them.

"Something that comes with experience in coaching is taking a job where you know you can make the needed changes, and where you have the final say on how you're going to put it all together. Allister accepted a job where he was going to get judged on a framework that everyone else gave him," he said.

White was critical of the lack of accountability for those making decisions. The same people making decisions just carried on in their jobs.

"It's funny how everyone has just moved on after the announcement that Allister will be replaced when the root problems haven't been dealt with," he said.