Marx ready for new Super Rugby challenges

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    06 Feb 2018     Getty Images

Dropping the team numbers back to 15 and returning to travelling through Australia and New Zealand for a month at times, would make or break campaigns for sides, he told

Not having played under the more traditional format since coming into top level rugby, Marx, the Lions player of the year and their players' player of the year, hasn't played under the greater demands the format poses but said he was looking forward to experiencing it first hand.

"I started playing under the Australia, New Zealand split. But I think this will test us on a different level.

"Playing New Zealand teams puts you on a certain level and playing Australian teams put you on a certain level. I think playing against both will be a different challenge but we will obviously learn and see how things go," he said.

The Lions have to wait until nine weeks into the competition for their travel.

"We have one of the best medical staffs who sort us out beyond belief. They tell us how to travel, what we need to do and when to do it, what we need to take and what we don't need to take in order for us to be ready when we arrive to be at our best," he said.

Marx was setting himself the target of becoming a more consistent player this year and wasn't concerned about being more of a marked man after his successes in 2017.

"Last year was tough, as was the year before, for the Springboks, but we will move onwards and upwards from there. Obviously the training field is where we do it, and we're obviously trying to improve ourselves every day.

"I'm going to focus on my job, and on the aspects I can improve on every day. And if I'm marked, so be it. But it's a team sport, they can't just watch me, they have to watch the other 14 guys on the field as well," he said.

The Lions would be looking to continue the style of play they had developed in recent seasons.

"We play to inspire and we play for our fans, and that has always been our motto at the Lions. Training has been going really well and obviously there is always room for improvement. We'll obviously have to see when Super Rugby starts," he said.