Scrum depth is developing well - Crockett

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Lynn McConnell     20 Nov 2017     Getty Images

Winning crucial scrums, especially when reduced to seven in the pack when Crockett was sin-binned for the final 10 minutes, was a key to the All Blacks getting their win.

"The guys who have come in have all stepped up, especially on Tuesday [the France XV] some of the guys who were playing their first or second games did an awesome job against guys who were pretty well regarded in French rugby.

"To see those young guys stepping up is awesome," he said.

It reflected the hard work put in by the coaches and the other players to help out and provide the lessons to allow them to perform.

"As a unit the scrum's doing really well and it bodes well for the future," he said.

Crockett said in relation to his sin-binning he first felt the referee had got the call wrong for his goalline ruck infringement but after reviewing match footage he said the referee had got it right.

"I thought the ruck had ended and the ball was out, so it was just a poor read from me. But at the time I wasn't very happy," he said.

It was split-second decision-making about whether to take an opportunity or not, but Crockett said he should have been better than that.

Centre Ryan Crotty said the nuances second five-eighths Sonny Bill Williams had produced in his game was a sign of how hard he, and all the mid-fielders, were working on their games.

They had spent a lot of time practising the kicking game Williams had demonstrated and it was satisfying to get rewards when those things came off in crucial moments of games.

He said Williams didn't let public opinion about his game get in his way.

"He's always been a diligent worker, the kind of guy who leads the way physically the way he works in the gym and looks after himself and then on the field as well.

"It would be nice to see some nice accolades, some positive stuff come out because he had been working bloody hard and it's awesome to see that," he said.

Crockett said they were always striving to put in an 80-minute performance and there were times when they weren't as good as what they wanted so there were disappointments and individual errors or indiscipline had to be taken on the chin as well.

Crotty said while there might be disappointment with performances there wasn't with the effort that had gone in.

There were plenty of positives to be taken from the defensive efforts against France, the France XV and the Scotland game but there was a little lack of skill execution that let them down against Scotland and some lack of intensity at the breakdown.

"It's not like it's always the same thing," he said.

There wasn't an attitude of 'end-of-year' about the tour, it had always been referred to as the 'northern tour' and it was about being grateful for being together and having another week with your mates, Crotty said.