Perenara to enjoy home benefits

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Lynn McConnell     28 Oct 2017     Getty Images

Perenara said before the All Blacks flew out on their northern tour in Cuckland on Friday that there had been some interest in him from overseas but he and his management team had not sought that interest.

They considered the offers but decided that New Zealand was where he wanted to be to pursue things that had been put in place with the Hurricanes and the All Blacks and to hopefully see them into fruition.

Perenara said it would be something a little different to possibly be going up against his Wellington, Hurricanes and All Blacks teammate Julian Savea if both were selected, on opposite sides, for the Barbarians game next weekend.

"I haven't played against Bus [Savea] since we were at high school so it will be interesting to see him out there. It's awesome to see him back on the world stage even if it's not at the level I, or he, want him to be at but just for him to get out there and run at that level will be awesome and I think he'll play well.

"He'll have a lot to prove out there which is the Bus I know, he'll do his talking on the field so it'll be good to see him out there," he said.

France and Scotland were improving teams on the world stage but Perenara said all teams had their own threats.

"All teams go into Test matches knowing that if they don't play well and the other team does play well then you've got a great Test match on your hands and those Tests are a few weeks away and we'll do a lot more thinking, and a lot more talking about it then.

"But we know that this tour we have some great teams that we are coming up against and if we can play well we can put ourselves in a great position to win those Tests but if we slip up and we don't prepare well and we don't do the things we need to during the week we can have our hands full," he said.

Nothing changed for the All Blacks on the tour, even after two losses this year.

Even if they had won those two games they would still have been going into the tour expecting to win every game anyway, he said.

With the comment from Roger Tuivasa-Sheck that he might be considering a tilt at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Perenara responded to a query on how he had seen Hurricanes teammate Ngani Laumape make the transition from league to rugby.

"Ngan's a good athlete, I think everyone knows when he's got ball in hand he's one of the most destructive runners in the game. I think for Ngans it was that transition year of learning the game again.

"He's been playing league at a high level for a long period of time and although there are a lot of similarities in the games there's a lot of differences in the games too. Ngans played great the first year he came in but I think him playing ITM Cup then Super Rugby that first year was a good stepping stone to learn the game again.

"I think people under-credit his skills and that's what he put a lot of work into. He's fit, he's fast, he's strong, he's an athlete but the work he put into his skill work in the 18 months before he blew up on the scene that's where I gave him the most credit. That's the biggest change I saw in his game. He continues to develop there and that's why he's getting all the rewards," he said.

Perenara said Tuivasa-Sheck was a freak who could probably play any sport he chose and be good at it.