No let-up from the All Blacks against old rival

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Lynn McConnell     03 Oct 2017     Getty Images

The All Blacks were playing their greatest rival for whom they had a lot of respect as a result of the history that had developed between the sides.

"It won't change how we prepare and we're looking forward to the game," he said.
Hansen didn't believe comments in the South African newspapers that his coaching opposite Allister Coetzee said they were living in a fool's paradise if they thought they could beat the All Blacks.

Hansen said it was 'a beautiful way to psych his own team up'.

"It's reverse psychology. You guys believe it if you want to but we won't be," he said.

Hansen thought the Springboks looked dangerous in their draw with Australia at the weekend and if they had been a little more accurate they would have scored some more points.

"I think if they continue to keep doing what they are doing, keep growing that and get better at it the type of game they are going to play suits them quite a bit and will make them a dangerous opposition," he said.

Hansen pointed out that while the All Blacks had won 57-0 in Albany they knew after the game that they had been in a contest. They felt it had been as hard as usual against South Africa and while the score got away it wasn't a reflection of how the game had gone.

"We were pretty fortunate that every opportunity we created we took and they probably didn't take all theirs so it doesn't take much for that to swing round," he said.