Accuracy, pressure key for South Africa

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    12 Sep 2017     Getty Images

Australia and Argentina had demonstrated chinks in the All Blacks' armour, even when playing at home, he told South African media.
The All Blacks were still the best side in the world but Coetzee was hopeful the lessons his side had absorbed would help them be more competitive as they chase their first win in New Zealand since 2009.

However, he acknowledged the issues of bad decision-making, poor handling errors and defensive errors had been costly for the side.

"I'm pleased with the growth in the team but we haven't achieved anything yet and we are not where we want to be and can be. But you can't ask for more effort from the players.

"Their physicality, being a mobile pack and being a set-piece pack, you have to understand that it takes a massive effort in terms of the conditioning to make sure that they are fresh and recovered.

"This will be our challenge this week to make sure that the players are fully recovered, do the little things off the field very well, keep looking for one percenters and we have to be fresh when we take on the All Blacks.

"I'm really pleased at the effort and hard work the players are putting in and the way they work for each on the field. If you look at the small things which are hardly coachable, that effort and intensity is there, they enjoy each other and the team environment is very healthy," he said.