Talent Development Update by Vinny Munro

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On the Mark     03 Mar 2017     Getty Images

Preparation is the key to a good season, and a good season is where you show improvement as a Referee.
When we take people into our High Performance arena there are two givens, which are fitness levels and the law exam. We have a set pass mark and expect it to be done. So why don’t you set those as two goals from outside of the technical side and nail them nice and early?

Planning is the key to success, and the first plan will not be the best one. It may take many drafts to ideally get the plan, which is then signed off by the your coach to be the best one for you to grow. Your coach needs to keep asking you questions to make you think about what you wrote, making sure the plan is achievable and relevant for you.


When constructing your plan think of a rubber band. If you hold one end of the band and stretch the other end, what can happen?
• It can be stretched, but if over stretched it breaks and shrivels up to nothing.
• If it is not held consistently it again can be slack and shrivel up.
• If a rubber band is left alone, doing nothing, it can deteriorate in the weather.

So when doing your plan, make sure you are stretched and at times out of your comfort zone. If goals/expectation are too high you could break getting there.
If you don’t follow the steps along the way, ticking off each box as you go to reach your plan, then you become slack and the band is not stretched to its maximum.

If you make your plan and don’t follow it, you are very unlikely to succeed.
So take your time, think about, ask for guidance and make a plan that will work for you!!!!!
Good luck for 2017.