Broadhurst ready to step up higher

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Lynn McConnell     26 Jun 2015     Getty Images

Both events are hugely representative of the gains he has made in his game while his role in adding substance to the Hurricanes forward pack has been a big factor in the side reaching the semi-finals and also in his advance to international status.

Broadhurst said it was by following the examples of hooker Dane Coles and lock Jeremy Thrush that he was able to advance his game.

"They showed me the way through the hard work they put in and set a good example for me to follow," he said.

The season had been a good one for the side, and he acknowledged that higher honours tended to follow for players from sides that managed to win consistently. That had been the case for the Crusaders and the Chiefs and now the Hurricanes had their rewards.

But before he can contemplate pulling on an All Blacks jersey the Hurricanes have to negotiate the Brumbies challenge to hopefully set up a home final against the winner of the Waratahs-Highlanders game.

"They [the Brumbies] are a clinical team with a very good set piece and they drive a lot. The pressure is building for the game but we have prepared well," he said.

Broadhurst was also mindful of the fact in their last outing against the Brumbies, last year, the Hurricanes had been up by 23 points only to lose. It wasn't something the team had been talking about this week, but it was something he couldn't forget.

The success of the forward pack this year was a 'coming of age', he said.

"We've worked really hard for four or five years under Richard Watt, Mark Hammett and John Plumtree this year and it has all just come together for us.

"It is nice being on the other side of the ledger when it comes to winning games but I think the big thing has been soaking up the pressure, especially over the last four or five weeks," he said.

Maturity was undoubtedly a factor in the side's results and he believed the side had developed a lot more consistency in its performances over the last 18 months.

With that had come benefits for his own game, but he was realistic in what that meant.

"It's not time to stop and rest on that. It's not the end of my toil, it's only the beginning. I have to keep stepping up to the follow the example of my team-mates," he said.