Nonu wary of more rounded Beale

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Lynn McConnell     15 Aug 2014     Getty Images

Nonu said Beale, who will start at first five-eighths instead of one position further out where he played for the Waratahs all year, had enjoyed a spectacular season.

In recent times he had worked hard on the defensive aspects of his game and was a good, sound, defender.

"He's one who brings a lot of attacking onus in terms of putting a lot of the balls on the inside and he's quick off the mark.

"It's interesting that they have got two potentially great Australian mid-fielders playing on the wings probably expecting a lot of tough encounters out wide so for us to protect the ball we've got to hold onto it and expect the rucks to be challenged a bit out wide," he said.

Nonu said he had taken advantage of the Blues' early departure from Super Rugby to spend time with his family while working on his fitness and some areas of his skills.

Nonu said he was always a little worried that he wasn't fit enough, or fast enough, at Test level but it was a case of working hard when in your own time and believe that you were capable of getting the job done.

Nervousness was part and parcel of the game for him, and he said the nerves keyed in from the time the team travelled.

But when the adrenalin kicked in for a game there was comfort in having long-standing team-mates alongside.

Being a potential world record of consecutive Test victories, Nonu said the history of the Bledisloe Cup ensured that there was always an extra edge about trans-Tasman contests.

The contests, through the Anzac relationship borne out of fighting together during World War One, were something both sides should be proud of, and they were different to matches against other sides.

The record added another element because, as he said, it hadn't been done before.

"We've talked about it over the last year or so. It could have happened before a couple of years ago but it didn't. We know it's there but our sole focus is on getting our preparation right and being ready," he said.