First 17-Test streak was a great era of rugby

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Lynn McConnell     25 Jul 2014     Getty Images

Knocking off records is something Richie McCaw's men have used as a motivation in the past, and in Sydney they have the chance to achieve the most successful run of Test victories.

As it stands they have a share of the record with 17 wins.

They are positioned alongside the Springboks side of the late-1990s and the All Blacks team of 1965-69.

That All Blacks team was one of the greatest sides and were notable through the first half of their era for reintroducing a running game to New Zealand rugby.

Coach Fred Allen made a significant call when selecting Brian Lochore from an impressive array of candidates as his captain and while there was a possibility of discontent among those who missed out, they got in behind Lochore and combined to produce a memorable era of rugby.

Men like Colin Meads, Kel Tremain, Bruce McLeod, Ken Gray, Stan Meads, Waka Nathan, Chris Laidlaw, Sid Going, Earle Kirton, Mack Herewini, Ian MacRae, Bill Davis and Fergie McCormick were cornerstones of the side.

Former British and Irish Lions coach Carwyn James, and British rugby writer John Reason in their book The World of Rugby said: "For at least 60 years, New Zealand had played in nothing like the same style, but by making such a commitment to attack, the 1967 All Blacks did the game of Rugby football throughout the world a service which even they probably did not appreciate."

So what was the basis of the great 'streak'? Find full details here: