Read: 'We have to be smart'

Getty Images     14 Nov 2013     Getty Images

Carter, 31, will be New Zealand's fifth player to achieve 100 caps.

Read said Carter himself would be concentrating on doing his best for the side and that would be what every other player would be doing with the goal of wanting to do well for Carter.

The idea of wanting to avenge last year's loss had not been used as motivation at all, he said.

"It can affect you if you start chasing your tails. Certainly you don't like losing in a black jersey, but there are a lot of things that have changed in the last 12 months. It is a completely different team in a different place right now.

"You want to win every time you play and that is our mindset this week," Read said.

New Zealand know the threat contained in the England side which had lost only the Six Nations 'final' against Wales since beating the All Blacks last year.

"This is a massive test and we have got to be smart," he said.

"We are in good shape. We do a lot of homework and the coaches do, too.

"As players, you are expected to do that as well. You can assume a few things, but you have to make sure you know exactly what they are going to be doing on the field," he said.