Hansen expects Pumas to balance their game plan

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James Mortimer     24 Sep 2013     Getty Images

When New Zealand cracked the half century, it came not just from the visitor’s excellence in execution that day, but from the fact that Argentina perhaps strayed a little too much from their forward approach and tried to take on the All Blacks with their own attacking game.

Sir Graham Henry, now a technical advisor with the Pumas, has espoused a wider attacking approach, while Hansen felt it was something clearly part of the South Americans further development.

This season their best efforts have come from keeping the ball tight and playing to their traditional facets, but the flamboyant principles were likely to continue.

“I think they are trying to change their style of game to accommodate moving the ball a bit more,” Hansen said.

“When you are doing that it takes time to do it right.

He didn’t think there would be a repeat of the score line from last season however.

“They still have that mindset,” the All Blacks mentor said.

“I don’t think they will do it as much as last year

“But they will still look to move the ball, and that will make them a more dangerous side moving forward.

“They have some classy backs, it is a matter of giving them the confidence to play by keeping that approach.”