Dan Carter and his kicking tees

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James Mortimer     17 Jul 2013     Getty Images

Carter, whose impeccable rugby reputation is being matched by his accessibility to fans off it, arguably sets the standard for player to fan interaction in rugby, with the All Blacks number ten giving away everything from boots and jerseys, through to private training sessions.

The record point’s scorer in Test and Investec Super Rugby spoke to 3News about his penchant for giving fans his kicking tees.

“When I'm over on an end-of-year tour, I tend to throw a few tees after training to kids,” Carter said.

“So I came up with the idea that I should start throwing them into the crowd after each kick, and it's something that I've done this year.”

"I have huge respect for people who make an effort to come to the games, so if there's something I can do by giving out a tee here and there, then I'm only too happy. I've talked to a few people who have managed to catch the odd kicking tee in the crowd and they seem to appreciate it.

While this initiative is well appreciated by the fans, Carter’s brilliant accuracy with his boot isn’t always duplicated with his throwing arm.

“I did meet one guy after the game in the weekend and it teed him in the head,” Carter explained.

“He was looking in the other direction and the next thing I know I threw the tee and it hit him square in the head. So I might have to be a bit more careful when I'm throwing the tees in to the crowd in the future!”