Tier Two Test nations to have equal RWC 2015 schedule

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James Mortimer     23 Apr 2013     Getty Images

The 2011 Rugby World Cup was scheduled in favour of the Tier One Nations, with the All Blacks, English, French, Springboks, Wallabies and Welsh guaranteed a minimum of a six day break, but in most cases had a full week between games.

Scheduling and broadcasting constraints unfortunately led to the tighter match rosters for some nations, with the likes of Japan, Samoa, Italy and other small nations, with the unaffectionate of minnows, had as little as four days turnaround between fixtures.

International Rugby Board chief executive officer Brett Gosper told Reuters that this would be rectified in England.

"We think, in the next World Cup schedule that will be announced very soon in late April or early May, there is a very strong fairness in terms of the times of rest periods,” Mr Gosper said.

"It will be the same for all teams.”

“Far more equal, completely equal."

New Zealand Rugby chief executive officer Steve Tew said that then World Cup hosts were hopeful this structure was going to be implemented in 2011.

"We asked for it after the last World Cup," Mr Tew said.

"We thought it was unjust that the small unions play in a pinnacle event with a shorter rest period than we played our games."