All Blacks, Mastercard and Tim team up again


James Mortimer     08 Apr 2013     MasterCard

Last year the corresponding ad was recognised by Fair Go's advertising awards as the best of 2012, and it further extends to 'superfan' Tim, who is waiting for his famous All Blacks guests to turn up to his wedding, while he is getting married!

McCaw, Nonu and Williams bound around town buying gifts with Mastercard's new technology, and McCann ECD John Mescall, part of the team that created the new feature, said it wasn't difficult coming up with an idea to trump the successful ad seen throughout 2012.

“How do you follow up New Zealand’s favourite ad of 2012?" Mescall asked.

"Well, you dash the hopes of tens of thousands of Kiwi women everywhere by marrying-off the lovable little hero of the campaign: Tim. Sorry, ladies.”

All Blacks and Mastercard team up: