Disciplinary update: Adam Thomson

Getty Images     25 Nov 2012     Getty Images

The independent Appeal Committee comprised His Honour Judge Jeff Blackett (England), Pat Barriscale (Ireland) and Jeremy Summers (England).

The IRB had appealed on the ground that the independent Judicial Officer's first instance decision - a suspension of one week for trampling under law 10.4(b) - had been unduly lenient. The Appeal Committee found that the application of the low end entry point (two weeks) by the Judicial Officer had not been wrong (and on that point the appeal was not upheld).

The Appeal Committee went on to say that the Judicial Officer's reduction of the entry point from two weeks to one week had not been consistent with IRB Regulation 17 (and on that point the appeal was upheld). The Appeal Committee considered that the appropriate sanction in this case was two weeks.

Therefore Adam Thomson's suspension was extended by the Appeal Committee to apply from 11 November to 25 November. He will be free to play on 26 November.