Read predicts fast-starting Pumas

Getty Images     07 Sep 2012     Getty Images

Travel the Argentinians have had to face with their opening game in South Africa, returning home, and then flying to New Zealand should not be much of a factor, Read said.

"We expect a fast, and physical, game from the outset. Both teams are probably going to be in that mindset so we'll just stick at it. I think it's going to be the team that can stick at it for 80 minutes [who will win]," he said.

Read said it was an exciting challenge because the Pumas prided themselves on the quality of their pack that was the challenge for New Zealand, to take that strength away from them.

With poor weather forecast it was a case of the All Blacks adapting to those conditions.

"It's never any easier when it comes but we will be really to tighten up a little bit and expect a lot more traditional Argentinian play."

He said it was good to have to do different analysis of different players and different teams and it had a freshening effect for the players.

"They really deserve to be here. They've shown in the last two weeks they'll definitely improve and they are going to be a real challenge for us," he said.

The All Blacks wouldn't be looking to close the game down to the forwards.

"We want to play our game which is a full team game. They have shown they can attack when needed so we are expecting any game and to respond to whatever they throw at us," he said.

While Victor Vito had been preferred to Liam Messam on the blindside of the scrum that shouldn't affect the dynamics of the loose forward combination. It was just a case of Vito coming in and continuing the role that Messam had been doing.

"Being really physical is what is needed this week and that is what we will be looking to add as a trio," he said.

Memories of the Rugby World Cup quarter-final were still a factor for the All Blacks. Reid recalled it had been 60-65 minutes into the game before the All Blacks pulled away to win.

"They're a team that really sticks at it, their defence is really good, great at the breakdown. We've just got to be really on edge and on our game," he said.

While their scrummaging power was an acknowledged part of their game with their upper body strength, they tended to scrum quite high with strength-based scrummaging so the New Zealanders had to try to take that away by inserting their own power and getting under the Pumas a little more.

"There's different ways that we can hopefully do that," he said.

"Our game is about having quick ball at ruck time and I guess any team that plays us wants to slow it down and the Argies are especially good at it so it puts it on us to make sure we can clear the ruck quickly and get them out of the way," he said.

"We want to make sure that we are not just running into brick walls, really trying to bend their line and that will help us get that quick ball," he said.