Every Test has its own buzz for Smith

Getty Images     24 Aug 2012     Getty Images

On Saturday it will be a Bledisloe Cup Test on Eden Park, something he was only dreaming about 12 months ago.

"We've got one hand on the Bledisloe and we'd like to make it two," he said.

"We're not writing them off at all. They're Aussies and when their backs are against the wall is when they turn up even more, so we're definitely worried about the threats they hold.

"They were similar to us last week, they were only a couple of steps off being awesome and they were only a couple of passes off getting a couple of tries as well so we're definitely worried about what they can bring," he said.

Being away from home would only make them more dangerous and while he enjoyed meeting up with rival halfback Will Genia his parting comment of 'See you next week' had Smith on his guard.

All the side were well aware of the Australian ability to score something out of nothing and he was hopeful he wouldn't be part of the first loss to Australia at the ground since 1986.

Smith owned up to partial blame in the untidiness of 'top of the lineout' ball saying there was some miscommunication and an aspect of being too rushed at times.

Having had his initial taste against Ireland, Smith said there was a lift in intensity, not so much in the game but in the build-up to the Test. There was a lot more trash talked and it filled the newspapers and he even had his father calling with news of what the Aussies were going to do to him.

"It's interesting how the perception of rugby changes when we have to beat the Aussies," he said.

Typically, he shared the New Zealand desire to beat Australia whenever he used to watch games on television but to be out in the thick of the action had been a great experience.

"It's one of those things when you get 70,000-odd people screaming it is a pretty cool feeling and I really like it," he said.

"It's awesome to be part of it and I am pretty excited about the game this weekend but I'm also a little bit worried about what they can bring as well."

The side had expected Quade Cooper's recall and had worked towards getting clarity in the channels close to the pack.

"Those guys are amazing and you can't stop everything but it is a case of just trying to minimise the opportunities for them to be brilliant, or stuff like that. It's definitely a worry having them both out there but it's also exciting. I don't think we're trying to scare away from it," he said.