Dagg says Eden Park record not an issue

Getty Images     24 Aug 2012     Getty Images

Fullback Israel Dagg said knowledge that Australia had not won at the ground since their Bledisloe Cup series triumph in 1986 was there, but it wasn't a record that hung over the side in their preparation.

"We just have to prepare well, like when we play in Australia or we play them in Wellington. Just do everything right and hopefully it all falls into place," he said.

Dagg said he enjoyed the experience of playing on Eden Park. The fans were good and it had a great surface and it was a great stadium.

"It's always good to be able to stay at home with your family during the week and stuff so it is good being here but like every week we have got to prepare well."

Central to that preparation was the dissatisfaction with last week's win in Sydney.

"We obviously made a few too many errors. We had a good lead in the first half and we let them back in the game so this weekend gives us another opportunity to nullify that."

The side was conscious they needed to keep their feet on the ground and to continue to create opportunities that would be finished off better than they were in Sydney.

There was a need not to get comfortable about the job ahead on the back of last week's win, and Dagg said it was a duty of one player to remind another if he thought he wasn't putting a maximum effort into preparation.

"It was frustrating last weekend. It was stop-start and we couldn't really get any continuity going. I think this weekend if we can get that then most of the wingers, and everyone, will get their hands on the ball," he said.