Hansen not into refereeing debate

Getty Images     21 Aug 2012     Getty Images

The stop-start nature of the Test in Sydney has resulted in talk about the game being robbed of its usual intensity, but Hansen said that was just the way it was.

"Referees are what they are and we have always got question marks about how they will interpret things and you've just got to adapt and adjust to those.

"The referee might have made a couple of mistakes himself but we certainly contributed to him blowing the whistle. We got off-side, it's not his fault we were off-side," Hansen said.

He pointed to his concerns with the All Blacks' inability to profit from their lineout ball.

"I think we won 14 and played off about six of them," he said. "So you've just halved your possession platforms you can play off and mainly through our own fault."

"Our delivery to the halfback was pretty shoddy and we need to get some relationship meetings going there and get it sorted out."

Hansen said the fact the team hadn't played as well as it wanted was a good thing ahead of Saturday's Test because it allowed the side to dig deeper for improvements.

"One of the challenges we've set ourselves this year is not just looking at the opponent and dealing with that side of it, it is also about dealing with the competition you have with yourself to see if you can be better than the last time you played. In sport that is a major thing to be able to do," he said.

It wouldn't surprise Hansen if prickly first five-eighths Quade Cooper was brought into the Australian side.

"He's a pretty talented player and he's got some amazing abilities and skills and he causes a lot of damage but his greatest strength is his greatest weakness like all of us and if you overplay it you become a bit predictable," he said.

"He's had a pretty good shake-up. He's spoken a lot about how much it's hurt not to be there so I'm sure if he gets selected he'll come out firing."

A decision on whether prop Tony Woodcock, who left the field in Sydney with injured ribs, would play would be made after training on Tuesday, Hansen said.