Hansen: History is irrelevant

Getty Images     10 Oct 2011     Getty Images

Hansen said it would be about two teams coming into the game wanting to win it so they could play in the final, and the Tri Nations would count for nothing.

"You don't get any prizes for not winning next weekend, other than a third and fourth play-off and we're not really keen on that," he said.

Hansen had been pleased with how the All Blacks had responded to the powerful Argentinians.

"They didn't get flustered, they stayed in the now and did the things that needed to be done and did that reasonably well," he said.

"At times we were put under quite a bit of pressure and going into a semi-final that's what you want, you don't want an easy game you want to test yourselves and Argentina did that very well to us."

"We came through that very, very well and showed a lot of composure and hence ended up winning the game quite comfortably."

Hooker Keven Mealamu was still disappointed with the last outing against Australia at Brisbane in the Tri Nations final when the Wallabies won 25-20 and the semi-final of the World Cup next week would be a good opportunity to put that right, he said.

"We will really look forward to that challenge because there is nothing better than playing at home, playing on Eden Park in front of our own people and a crowd like it was tonight is going to be huge and I'm really excited about that and looking forward to it," he said.

"It doesn't get any better than that for us as a team, it really shows we can step up and I'm really proud of the boys, especially guys having to step in for injured players and it really shows the depth and preparation in the whole team."

Mealamu said the side would need to start well against Australia and it would be a challenge for the front five to set the scene for the side.

It was no different to any other game, it was up to the front five, he said.

He added that the effort in beating Argentina showed the greater maturity in this year's side.

"We played what was in front of us and showed some real steel to work our way back into the game and to really open up towards the end," he said.

The lesson the Argentinians gave the All Blacks was the value of position and the ability to pin down teams in their own territory.

"It will be a real key for us going into next week, being able to win games like that."