Former All Blacks to be honoured in 2010     01 Jun 2010    

The special ceremonies will be hosted by the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) on the eve of the Steinlager Series Test match in New Plymouth, and Investec Tri Nations matches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

The tradition of capping players for their first All Blacks Test appearance lapsed after the Second World War and was not re-introduced until 1997.

The capping of former All Blacks was launched in late 2008 to formally present former All Blacks or their families with Test caps earned in the decades following World War II. Six ceremonies were held last year and a total of 200 former All Blacks were recognised through the presentation of their Test caps.

Acting NZRU Chairman Mike Eagle said the capping ceremonies held in 2009 had been a fitting way to honour the contribution of all former All Blacks and also a great opportunity for players to get together and relive their playing history.

“Anyone who steps out on to the field for the first time as an All Black also steps into a part of our unique All Blacks history. It’s important to us that we recognise those who missed out on celebrating part of that history. Sadly some of our former All Blacks have passed away, but we are pleased that many families are embracing the opportunity to receive the caps on their behalf,” Mr Eagle said.

Capping ceremonies in 2010:

Friday 11 June Former All Blacks Capping Ceremony
VENUE: Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace

Friday 16 July All Blacks Reunion Dinner and Capping Ceremony
VENUE: Auditorium, Wellington Town Hall

Friday 9 July Former All Blacks Capping Ceremony
VENUE: Auckland Rooms, SkyCity Convention Centre

Friday 6 August Former All Blacks Capping Ceremony
VENUE: TBC - Christchurch Town Hall or Christchurch Convention Centre

About All Blacks Test caps
A player’s first appearance in a Test match for the All Blacks has traditionally been rewarded with a Test cap. However, along with international rugby itself, the capping tradition was interrupted by the Second World War and was not re-introduced until June 1997. In December 2008, the New Zealand Rugby Union announced it would hold a series of events in 2009 , 2010 and, if necessary, 2011, to cap more than 400 former All Blacks who did not receive their caps during that period.